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What We Do - Enterprise Solutioning

We specialize in designing and creating solutions that is uniquely the BEST-FIT to your Orgnaization and People.

BizRAD, also known as Bizpoint Rapid Application Development framework, is probably one of the most daring and fastest development platform when in comes to building very customized Enterprise solutions.


- Because many of our customers have encountered many challenges which their previous solution providers could not help to resolve, and we are crazy enough to take on those challenges and deliver as promised - workable and scalable solutions to help thhem operate in greater efficiency and effectiveness.


- BizRAD agile development framework requires minimum coding, hence reducing time and resources needed to get the system up and running. Less coding means less error. And more importantly, we focus and spend more time with you to streamline and improve your business operation and processes.

Build it RIGHT with BizRAD It is a proven framework and has been used extensively to develop business solutions in diverse industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Chemical Engineering, Clinical Managament, Security Managament, etc. Once you emabrk on your digital transformation journey, there will be continuous improvements and changes to your orgnaisational structure and processes. The robustness, flexibility and scalability of BizRAD is the key reason why the solutions we built continue to remain relevant to our customers.

Modular Design

Every details of your operation is carefully reviewed by our expertise and crafted into functional modules to support your business operation. This allows designs to be easily customized, upgraded, repaired and to be reused.

Streamline Workflow

Our key focus is not just the functional modules but also how the latter can be linked together to make your works even easier and more productive. Be amazed how your works can be simplified and be empowered to focus on growing and expanding your business.

Smart Reporting

Every solution we created is with insight. And BizRAD smart reporting engine make it easier for you to be able to access and configure the reports that will provide you new insights and knowledge about customers and consumers to gain competitive advantage.

Business Continuity

The experience of COVID-19 required us to always be prepared for critical service and operational disruptions. What's normal today, can and will change tomorrow. BizRAD enables those changes to be made so that you are able to respond and recover from disruptive events.