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About Our Company

Bizpoint International Pte Ltd is an established provider of collaborative business solutions for a wide range of organizations, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, electronics, chemical and distribution. The company has acquired a reputation for solving critical business problems in many large enterprises and institutions to improve efficiency and performance.

Our expertise is to build solution Rapidly, Accurately, with Simplicity and Sustainability to meet beyond your requiremnts and expectation. We do this by providing: "Solutions with Insight".

And we're prepared to help run the a good race.


Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still. Always doing consistently both the RIGHT things and the THINGS right.

- Lee Tong Tai -

Lee Tong Tai



Chief Financial Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Operating Officer

People Thinks We're CRAZY

We are a crazy bunch of people committed to go the extra miles to help you excel beyond your digital transfomation end-point. We build solutions for all types of industries. We undertake difficult requirements that many solution providers would otherwise give it a miss, because it does not make economical sense.

Hence, people think we must be crazy. Crazy enough to help many of our customers fulfill their destiny in a cost effective and efficient way. We are able to do that becuase of our people and our technology. All our staff are experts in business processes streamlining and problems solving to help you scale your businesses. We are able to do it fast, quicker than all our competitors, because of our proven proprietary solution framework - BizRAD.

BizRAD has helped many MNCs and SMEs to realize their ideal system to support their businesses and operation. Your success is our success!

That's why at Bizpoint International Pte Ltd, we don't just provide solutions, but solutions with insight.

Solutions that are affordably-priced Solutions that are built-to-order Solutions that streamline your organizaton's operations Solutions that are relevent and practical Solutions that grow with your businesses Solutions that are proven

The Experts

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead -

Eshidai Loy

Business Creator





Rui Ting

Business Continuity Specialist

Wu Yuli (Technican Dir, Sunace Kakoh)

Ten years ago, Bizpoint was challenged to create a complex chemical manufacturing ERP solution for us. We were skeptical when they say "CAN" to all our requirements. Today, we are still a satisifed and confidental client. And we continue to grow together and adapt the solution to newer challenges along the way. consectetuer te, ea unum reformidans mei. Eam omnis quando soluta no. Pri ut atomorum petentium. Ne erat fugit reformidans vel. Ex duo velit altera iriure

Kenny (CEO, Whissh)

We started with a vision and a plan to transform the way we operate and conduct our business. Today, this is a reality becuase of the expert solution created by Bizpoint to allow us to scale our business and to be able to serve the customer better.

Andy (Managing Dir, Deskright)

Bizpoint's AGV and total end-to-end ERP solution enable us to streamline our business processes and help us achieve overall 65% operational cost saving. Today, Deskright is able to do more businesses with less resources due to the digital transformation.


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