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Warehouse Management

starting date

15 Jan 2018

Ending date

14 Dec 2018

Project Category

Warehouse Automation | Logistics

A complete Goods-to-Man Warehouse Automation Management System

Warehouse Automation is a fully integrated solution which helps to streamline and automate all operations to support one of the largest Office Supplies solution provider in Singapore.

The key objective for the project is to develop and deploy a new robotic warehousing capability :

  • To improve order processing speed, inventory management and optimise warehouse space
  • To build an efficient inventory system to support on-going business growth and expansion

The scope and key deliverables of the project will include :

  • Review and Streamline Current Processes
  • Develop and Implement the Robotic Warehouse Management System (RWS) and Interface between ERP and RWS
  • Design, Deploy and Implement RWS
  • Job Redesign and Enhance Job Scope

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

  • Sales Quoation Generation
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Products and Price Management
  • Delivery Requsition Management
  • Picking Loading Management
  • Packing Management
  • Vehicle/Delivery Sechdule Management
  • Return Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fianncial Accounting
  • Purchase Planning
  • Procurement Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Weighted Average Costing Analysis

Robotics Control System (RCS)

  • AGV Deployment Management
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Real-time Alert and Notification
  • Exception Handling
  • Emergency Start and Stop
  • Warehouse Area Control and Management
  • Intelligenct delegation and scheduling
  • Incremental Layout Optimisation

Pick-Put Workstaion (PPS)

  • Picking Process
  • Picking Exception Handling
  • Replenishment Process
  • Replenishment Exception Handling
  • Cycle Count Process
  • Prioritisation Management

Mobile Picker Application(MPA)

  • Setting up of Mobile device
  • Profile Update
  • Product Master Check
  • Delivery Status Check
  • Stock Take Count
  • Goods Receipt Checks
  • Stock In
  • Picking Consolidate
  • Pallet In/Out Management
  • VSM Loading
  • WPIK (Picking)
  • Collection from Customer & Check-In
  • Delivery Requisition (DRQ)
  • Adhoc Stock Count for P,I,F,S,A Locations
  • Commence Delivery Management
  • Proof of Delivery

Benefits of the solution :

(1) Increased stocking and order picking productivity

(2) Increased order accuracy

(3) Enhanced order fulfilment rates

(4) Inventory Accuracy and Security

(5) Space Optmisation

(6) Greater Flexibility and Scalability

(7) Electricity Savings

(8) Enhanced Quality of Life

(9) Reduced Noise level and cleanliness

(10) Reduced Training Time

(11) No downtime and built-in redundancy

(12) The 'Wow' Factor to Customers and all Stakeholders

Here are some Quantitative Improvements :