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Clinic Management

starting date

15 Sep 2018

Ending date

14 Jun 2019

Project Category

Medical Services

A complete End-to-End Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System is a state-of-the-art solution to integrate and streamline all operations within a healthcare practice, so as to enhance operational control and simplify patient appointment-booking processes, making your practice more efficient, your staff more productive and your customers more satisfied. The system caters specially to clinical operations in order to help you run your business more effectively and ensure prompt service for your customers

BackOffice Operation Management (BOM)

  • Patient Account Management
  • Partner Account Master
  • Product/Service Management
  • Promotional Management
  • Employee/Doctor Management
  • Order Management
  • Leave Management
  • Stock Management
  • Time Management
  • Doctor Commission Computation
  • Corporate Billing Management
  • Invoice and Receipt Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stock Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll Processing

FrontOffice Management System (FOM)

  • Booking Request Management
  • Booking Management
  • Queue Management
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Account Management
  • Doctor Treatment/Prescription Log
  • Drug Dispensary and Billing
  • Payment Management
  • MC Management

Customer Self-Service System (CSSS)

  • Secured Login
  • Patient Information Collection
  • Pre-Consultation Prep
  • Vital Measurements
  • Doctor's Notes and Instructions
  • Transaction History
  • Appointment Booking Request
  • Feedback

3rd Party Management System (3PMS)

  • Secured Login
  • Lab Tests Management
  • Lab Test Billing
  • Lab Test Payment

Benefits of the solution :

(1) Streamline entire flow and operation

(2) Improved response time for each transaction to serve customers better

(3)Better monitoring of the entire clinic operations, in order to make strategic management decisions

(4) Cut costs and increase productivity

(5)Enhanced customer services