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Together, we move and make a difference

With over 20 years of core expertise in developing "odd-ball" small and large Enterprise Resources Solutions for hundreds of Organisations, our BizRAD framework has been tested and earned its credibility as an unique piece of work that can help many more to digitally transform the way they work and operate in a more efficient ane yet cost-effective way.

We are living in challenging times, a "new normal" which many people called it, and we need to be able to do more with less. Less coding, less error, less resources, yet achieving much more.

That's why we are sharing with you, as a partner, to equip you with the capability to do just that. To be able to help others and help yourselves. Togather, we can made a difference.

Join the Bizpoint Partner Network to unlock an unmatched technology capability and endless opportunities for growth and expansion together.

Sell Solutions

Be our BizRAD Resellers. You saw the need, was handicapped. But NOW with BizRAD, you can bring to the market solutions that will help businesses of all sizes to solve their problems. Credible and proven solutions that BizRAD has been successfully used to impact many industries in the market.

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Design Solutions

Be a Certified BizRAD Consultant. You can unlock your potentials and equipped with relevant skills and tools to help Organisation - re-model their workflow, streamline business processes - to enable them to work effectively and efficiently with Solutions created by BizRAD.

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Build Solutions

Be a Certified BizRAD System Integrator. You have been passionate about solving and creating solutions for a particular industry. You have the domain know-hows, we have the tools. Together, we can impact and help Organisations in that industry to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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Support Solutions

Be a motivated and effective coomunicator. As a Certified BizRAD Trainer, you will be satisified in directly impacting the life of the employees in the Organisation. Teach them to work in more productive and efficient ways, unleasing the full potentials of all BizRAD solutions for them.

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