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What We Do - Warehouse Automation

We specialize in making your operation easier and smarter with lesser resources, and yet higher outputs and greater values.

Bizpoint is a trusted partner with one of largest AGV solution provider in China - Quicktron. It is probably the first company in Singapore to have successully implemented and deployed smart logistics with one of the largest fleet of AGVs in any warehouse locally.

Beyond just being able to put these advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies on the ground to run around, is the painful and yet rewarding success we achieved to be able to help our customer integrate seamlessly to their Enterprise solutions.

The results from our successful deployment is amazing :

  • - 60-70% reduction in Manpower
  • - 100% accuracy in Picking
  • - 50-60% saving in electricity
  • - 40-60% reduction in storage space
  • - overall enhanced morale to employees

It is not surprisingly that one of our customers did it so well with warehouse automation that they were able to grow and expand their business. Today, they are a living testimony that the warehouse automation is one of the wisest move they had made, and it is one of the factors that contributed to them eventually being head-hunted and acquired by one of the largest MNC company.

Hesitate no more! The 'New Normal' demands a whole new way of operation with greater autonomy and automation. We have a full spectrum of intelligent robots ready to help you take on the new challenges ahead.

Government Grants

Get up to 80% grant and subsidy for your robotics automation project. Never is once more timeliness than now to act and made a decisive different ahead of your competitors. We have done it before for our customers, and you can be NEXT! Minimize your risks and maximize your ROI.

Seamless Integration

Robotics Automation cannot be implemented in silos. That's where a lot of projects failed in achieving optimal results. With BizRAD, we can virtually re-engineer and further streamline your processes and ensure seamless end-to-end integration between different systems.

Intelligent Solutioning

Quicktron Intelligent Robotics solution is one of the most mature and stable solutions in the market. It has successfully implemented over hundreds of large scale solutions. Both its robotics hardware and software have been heavily tested and reliably proven on the ground.

Business Scalability

Your business scalability needs not depend directly on increasing your manpower resources. Today, more than 80% of your warehouse can be automated, yielding greater productivity and optimising your ROI.