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Cargo Sales Management

starting date

15 Jan 2016

Ending date

14 Sep 2016

Project Category

Warehouse Automation | Logistics

A complete Goods-to-Man Warehouse Automation Management System

A complete end-to-end integrated system that integrate multiple departments including the Frontend Cargo Sales Teams at AirFreight Center with all the departments at BackOffice System in the HQ. The frontend system supports the frontline office to deal directly with Agents, to record Online and Offline Cargo Orders, manage and issue AirWay Bills, etc., with dynamic and complex air freight pricing and costing management.

A sample schematic of the solution workflow is as illustrated :

All orders are promptly processed, updated and submitted directly to HQ. To ensure cost effectiven solutions for cargo transportation, the entire operation is streamlined. Orders created are updated real-time to the backoffice with automatic back-to-back billing and costing generated to 3rd Party Agents as well as respective Airlines. All financial entries are also concurrently updated to eliminate duplication efforts in financial posting and ensure high level accuracy and promptness in all financial updates.

The system has proven to be an innovative solution for our customer to have an edge and enhance their customers’ competiveness. They were also able to scale their business and established a global footprint to serve a wider market in this region with a wide networks of airline partners.

The quick accessibility to essential information also enhances their ability to handle discrepancies or journey disruptions, and to address and resolve immediate issues quickly. The ability to replicate positive customer experiences is of paramount importance to ensure business success.

The key components of the project includes :

  • Ticketing Operation System.
  • Centralised Control System
  • Accounting System
  • Other Operation and Administrative Modules

Ticketing Operation System

This includes the necessary functional modules to support the Ticketing and Cargo Sales Team

  • Ticket Order Management
  • Cargo Order Management
  • Refund Management to Agent
  • Refund Management to Suppliers
  • Contra Payment Management
  • Contra Receipt Management
  • Quick Access to Customer Order Information
  • AirWay Bills Issuance
  • Direct Financial Back-to-back Postings & Updates

Centralised Control System

Streamline the settings of all controls necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire operation

  • AirFreight Rates Management
  • AirFreight Cost Management
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • AirWay Bills Management
  • Cost Control and Management
  • Airlines Management
  • Agents Management
  • Cargo Space Management
  • Cargo Clearnance Management
  • Cargo Exception Management

Accounting System

Included all the financial modules< seamlessly integrated and customised to streamline all accounting posting and update directly from the operation. For example, as soon as a refund is made in Ticketing operation, the system now automatically posts the transactions to the General Ledger as well as respective sub-ledgers. There is no need for the Accountant to pass any journal separately in such case.

  • Account Receivables
  • Account Payables
  • Journal
  • Budgeting
  • Bank Reconcilation
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Contra Management
  • Essential Financial Reporting

Other Operation and Administrative Modules

Include all the other operation and administrative modules

  • Procurement Management
  • Miscellaneous Expenses Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Employees Management
  • Stock Management