Performance Maximization Solution PERMAX

PERMAX (Performance Maximization Solution) is a solution which allows for the top management to track their business performances easily, so to ensure optimal performance at all times. It enables an organization to quantify and track all its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in each department, so that management is alerted of any irregularities or exceptions and is able to take action before they become a liability to the business.

Key Features:

  • Central depository of all necessary data for business analysis
  • Able to design, publish and track KPIs of an organization
  • Able to publish the necessary charts, dashboards and reports for strategic decision-making


  • Establishment of clear business rules to manage the company
  • Greater profitability as a result of better tracking and monitoring of performance measurements
  • Effectively control and manage your operations so that outstanding staff can be rewarded accordingly