Warehouse Robots Solutions

We offer smart automated warehouse solutions that are highly flexible, adaptable based on a highly integrated combination of robots and management software. Depending on your business needs, we provide you the solutions to achieve full automation of your modern logistics warehouses.

With our AI software algorithm at the core, the complete workflow in the warehouse including shelving, picking, replenishment, return and inventory are all catered for. Common applications scenarios includes E-commerce, Retail, 3PL and manufacturing warehouses.

Our solution reduces costs and improve throughput, efficiency, and productivity, free your warehouse staff from heavy lifting to focus on higher value tasks.


Whether your business is B2B or B2C focused, our consultants are able to help you to secure the relevant funding for our solutions based on your project and objectives.

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Key Features

  • Intelligent robots to achieve up to 3 times picking efficiency.
  • Storage area automatically optimized based on popularity of SKUs.
  • Automated transportation of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products in each production link.
  • Real-time reporting to your customers.
  • Affordable technical support.
  • Flexible long-term ownership and partnership with the solution.


  • Reduce labor and equipment costs.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Optimize space utilization.
  • Provide better inventory accuracy.
  • Optimize order fulfillment.
  • Create a safe working environment.
  • Eliminate product damage.
  • Customizable to your needs.